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Spreadsheets & Worksheets

Grain Accounting Printable Worksheets & Reference Tools

  Month End Accounting Worksheets (PDF)
   Inventory / Contracts & Open Futures Position - Part I
Futures Account Monthly Activity - Part II

 Basic Grain Accounting for Hedge Accounts (PDF)
(Appendix 5 of The Art of Grain Merchandising)


Downloadable Spreadsheets

Below are electronic versions of our forms and worksheets you can download to use in your merchandising and farm marketing efforts.  All files are designed to be used in conjunction with the Excel spreadsheet program.  You must have Excel in order for the files to open properly.  For instructions on using the White Commercial designed spreadsheets, please contact our Merchandising Development Team (MDT) at 800-327-7000.

Download Instructions
1.  Right Click on the link of the desired spreadsheet.
2.  When the pop-up menu appears, choose save target as.
3.  If desired, change the location and name of where the file will be stored on your computer
      (ex. My Documents).
4. Once the file has been saved to your computer, you can then open the file directly from your computer.



Merchandising Report Notebook A multi-page excel spreadsheet that combines all the reports an elevator needs for the daily balancing and tracking of their basis positions.  Includes electronic spreadsheet for completing the Grain Hedge Position Report, Balancing Between Position Reports, Average Basis Worksheets and Average Spread Worksheet.
Average Basis Worksheet This spreadsheet provides a way for you to track your basis position for multiple delivery periods.  It includes a determination of the amount of bushels you are long-the-basis or short-the-basis and the average basis the position is established.
Average Spread Worksheet Use this form to post your spreads as they are executed and determine an overall average spread to use when making your spread adjustment on the Average Basis Worksheet.
Basis Chart Templates:
     CBT (Soft) Wheat
     KC (Hard) Wheat
This spreadsheet provides an easy way to assemble historical basis charts using the Excel spreadsheet format.  It includes closing futures prices each Wednesday back to 1992 along with the roll spread.  You simply enter your daily cash prices and the spreadsheet draws the chart for the season.  This is also a great tool to use to keep current basis charts.  (Some instruction is advised - call MDT for assistance.)

Merchandising Game Plan (10/11)

This multi-page excel spreadsheet combines the reports a merchandiser needs to effectively manage basis positions and establish selling goals.  It includes important planning tools including the Grain Flow Worksheet, Grain Value Worksheet, Cash Flow Worksheet and an advanced version of the Basis Chart template that enables the user to keep a current Basis Chart with the ability to set a Value Line and post sales.  (Some instruction is advised - call MDT for assistance.)
Cash Flow Worksheet with
Borrowing Base Projector
This spreadsheet utilizes the Grain & Cash Flow sections of the Merchandising Game Plan and enables you to project forward what your Borrowing Base would be based on criteria you set in your plan.  The Borrowing Base Projections are a great planning tool to use with your banker in analyzing potential money needs in different market environments.  Some knowledge of the workings of the excel spreadsheet is recommended as it is necessary to customize some sections to your situation.  (Some instruction is advised - call MDT for assistance.)
Quick Spread Calculator
This worksheet helps you quickly and easily assess your spread needs and decided on reasonable targets.
Grain Value Worksheet This electronic version of the Grain Value Worksheet enables the merchandiser to input data necessary to set selling goals based on current market factors.  Worksheet can also be used to budget and track sales and evaluate margins based on actual buy basis and spreads.  Templates available for corn, soybeans, wheat and rice.
Bid Sheet This spreadsheet is used to evaluate bids from various buyers and/or different delivery periods.  You input buy basis, pre-spread and sell basis data and the spreadsheet will determine the margin you will make from the transaction and calculate a counteroffer to meet your specified goals.
Short-the-Basis Worksheet This spreadsheet is used to analyze short-the-basis selling opportunities and/or to track a specific short-the-basis position.  This exercise will help you to determine what a sale made today is worth over time when adjusted for spreads, interest and fees.  It will also calculate the potential margin based on an estimated or actual buy basis.
Daily Market Log This spreadsheet provides a place for you to track daily markets including futures prices and local cash bids from multiple buyers.  The spreadsheet automatically calculates your local farmer bids for various delivery periods based on your pre-set criteria.
Crop Value Worksheet This is a helpful worksheet to use with your farmer/customers at harvest to   show them the total profit they have available based on current market prices, bushels forward contracted, LDP and other income.  A great tool to encourage your customers to sell rather than store grain at harvest.
Profit Grid This is a helpful worksheet that quickly reveals the farmer's potential profit based on cost of production, yield, acres planted and current market price.  Separate grids for corn, soybeans and wheat.
New!  Target Grid This is a helpful worksheet that quickly reveals the target price based on the farmer's cost, yield and desired profit per acre.  Separate grids for corn, soybeans and wheat.
New!  Get Paid Calculator This is a unique worksheet that gets the producer to think about what target price to enter by using a desired income and return on investment.
New!  Break Even Analysis This worksheet takes the current price divided by the cost to determine how many bushels per acre would need to be sold at the current price to break even. Anything over and above that is profit.
5 Step Plan This is a worksheet to use with your farmer/customers prior to harvest to help them develop a profitable target price for selling their crops.  Does a plan for up to three crops.
Month End Valuations
Excel spreadsheet that helps in making the elevator's month end mark-to-market valuations of open inventory, futures activity and open cash and futures contracts.  These worksheets help to assemble the information needed to make the four general journal entries required to properly value hedged positions at the close of the accounting period.
2009 Marketing Evaluation Worksheet
Excel spreadsheet provides details on where the farmer stands in terms of net income and profit per acre based on what he has forward contracted and the bushels left to sell if sold at the current price.
Position Report
A three part excel spreadsheet to keep track of your customer obligations and option purchases to insure that you have adequate coverage of your risk.  Part One keeps tracks your obligation to the producer.  Part Two tracks your option purchases.  Part Three tracks the pricings.

Printable Worksheets

Worksheets are pdf files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.  If you are unable to access the file by clicking on it, you can download the free viewer from the Adobe website by clicking here.

Average Basis Worksheet (Long-the-basis) Market Comparison:  Stay-in-the-Market vs. Storage
Average Basis Worksheet (Short-the-basis) Maximum Price Contract
Average Spread Worksheet Merchandising Target Offer (MTO)
Basis Table (Blank)

Pricing Board

Bid Sheet Production Costs Worksheet
Cash Flow Report Short-the-Basis Worksheet
Contract Cancellation Worksheet Stay-in-the-Market Contract
Daily Balancing Record Target Contract
Grain Flow Target Price Formula
Grain Hedge Position Report  
Grain Value Worksheet - Part I  
Grain Value Worksheet - Margin Evaluation - Part II  
Market Structure Worksheet